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AndroFeme®1% vs. Intrinsa®

AndroFeme vs Intrinsa
Intrinsa® was a testosterone patch developed to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). It was rejected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and discontinued in the European Union, making AndroFeme® the only licensed women's testosterone cream in the world

AndroFeme® contains 50 doses of 10 mg. Typically, the starting dose of this bioidentical testosterone cream for women is 0.5 ml (5 mg) per day, which makes AndroFeme® extremely cost-effective.

Intrinsa® was made by Procter & Gamble and released testosterone into the bloodstream through a patch. The amount of testosterone in the patch was 300 µg/24 hours – an amount much lower than in patches created for men. Worn just below the navel and changed twice a week, the patch was approximately the size of an egg and almost invisible to the naked eye.

For more information on AndroFeme® as an alternative to Intrinsa® see here.

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