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Order FAQs and Site Policies

If you have any questions about the FAQs and/or policies below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is there any limit to the quantity of creams I can order at one time?
U.S. regulations prevent Americans from importing more than a three-month supply of medications at a time. Shipping Regulations allow us to ship up to 5 tubes per order.
What methods can I use to order?
You can place your order online or via our toll-free voicemail service at 1-888-543-6076. Once you submit your order online, we will be in touch with you regarding your payment option. If you need assistance placing your order, please contact us.
How much does shipping cost?
TestoCreams offers FREE SHIPPING via USPS on AndroForte, AndroFeme and ProFeme. These shipments are not trackable on the USPS website. We offer the option of expedited shipping for an extra cost of $25.00. All expedited shipments come with a tracking number.

Please allow for up to 72 hours for us to begin processing your order.

NOTE: We currently do not ship to Japan or Australia. For more information, please contact us.
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Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide and have successfully shipped packages to ...

Global Shipping
Bahrain Denmark India Kenya Poland South Africa
Belgium Ecuador Indonesia Malaysia Portugal Spain
Bermuda England Ireland Monaco Puerto Rico Sweden
Botswana France Isle of Man Netherlands Qatar Switzerland
Cambodia Germany Israel New Caledonia Romania Taiwan
Chile Greece Italy Nicaragua Samoa Thailand
China Hong Kong Jersey Norway Saudi Arabia Trinidad & Tobago
Cyprus Iceland Jordan Oman Singapore UAE

NOTE: We currently do not ship to Japan, Denmark or Australia. For more information, please contact us.

How long will I have to wait for my cream to be delivered?
Delivery time depends on your chosen shipping method, although generally your order should arrive within 25 working days. Expedited shipments should arrive within 10 working days.
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Do the creams maintain their quality in shipping or extreme temperatures?
Lawley Pharmaceuticals has tested all of their hormone skin creams for adverse weather conditions, including extreme heat, humidity, and freezing temperatures and found no changes in the integrity of the products. Testosterone does not degrade if frozen, and if your product happens to become frozen just let it thaw slowly before use. Hot weather may cause your cream to become less viscous, so it is suggested that if you live in a climate with extreme heat to store your cream in the fridge to maintain its solid state.
What is the shelf life of the creams?
The "Use within 12 weeks of opening" warning printed on our products is based on formal stability studies that have been conducted over a 12-week period under highly controlled conditions simulating daily exposure to air. We also have done comprehensive, less formal studies of opened products after six month, one year, and two year periods, and the product's integrity persists.

Although Lawley Pharmaceuticals has officially declared a two-year expiration date and ongoing studies likely will produce a three-year expiration date, the "use by" date on product packaging satisfies regulations established by the Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
Can I return any of my products?
No, we do not accept returns.
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Are there any hidden charges?
The only charges you will pay are the cost of your products, as listed on our website. No hidden shipping costs, taxes, fees, or charges will be added to your bill, unless you specifically request expedited shipping at the extra cost of $25.00.
What payment options are available for US customers?
US customers can pay by ACH Direct Transfer (e-check), mailing us a US check or by "bank to bank" wire transfer using the email address to send payment. Your order will not be shipped until payment is received in full. Unfortunately, we currently do not accept payment by credit card due to temporary processing issues. we will update you when credit card payment becomes an option again. If you are unable to pay by these options then please contact us and we will find another solution for you.
What payment options are available for International customers?

International customers can pay by Wire Transfer or by mailing us a check. Your order will not be shipped until payment is received in full. Unfortunately, we currently do not accept payment by credit card due to temporary processing issues. we will update you when credit card payment becomes an option again. Please Contact Us directly if these options are not suitable for you and we will find another solution.

What is ACH or Direct Transfer?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a different way of paying for goods or services online. Instead of giving us your credit card details, you write us an e-check and we process it directly. It's like giving us an electronic check. The transaction occurs electronically within minutes. It does not cost you any money to pay by ACH. In fact, if you pay by ACH instead of credit card, we will give you a 5% discount off your order.

How do I pay by ACH?
Follow the online checkout process and fill in the required fields: ABA/routing number, bank name, bank city, state and account number. All these details are found on the check itself. Alternatively, you can email us a copy of a void check and we will manually process it for you.
What is bank to bank wire transfer?

If you bank with one of our US partner banks you can pay directly from your online banking, using the email to send the payment. Our partner banks include Bank of America, Capital One P2P Payments, Chase QuickPay℠, FirstBank Person to Person Transfers, Frost Send Money, U.S. Bank Send Money and Wells Fargo SurePay℠.

Will I need to calculate the currency exchange when I pay?
No. All prices on our website are listed in U.S. dollars and payment is billed in kind.
Why do I get a security warning when I enter some of the pages in your website?
Security warnings are based on security settings made in your web browser's preferences. Warnings such as these are typical of any browser plugin when these security settings are enabled. They are not advertisements or a solicitation to purchase something.

The appearance of the security warning window may differ slightly in different web browsers. For example, Firefox will display a slightly different popup window than that of Internet Explorer.

AlphaSSL is an independent third party company that certifies that data entered is secure and inaccessible. The AlphaSSL certificate lets you know that the data captured by TestoCreams is encrypted and safe. For more information please visit
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Cancellation and Refund
All sales are final, and we do not accept returns. TestoCreams reserves the right to refuse any cancellation, and a $30 fee will be charged for all cancellations made by the customer.

Our goal is to get your order processed, shipped, and in your hands as soon as possible. Occasionally, there may be some delays that are beyond our control.
Legal Compliance
All information provided through this website will be held in the strictest confidence. Use of this website by you signifies your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of information you've provided according to the following privacy policy: All information collected by TestoCreams is maintained in a database registered in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law 1981.

We reserve the right to share your information only with our Australian Government's Department of Health and Aging Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved manufacturer Lawley Pharmaceuticals as required by the TGA medicines policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use this site.
Limitation on Use, Disclosure, Collection and Retention of information
No use or disclosure of personal information provided to this site will be made for any purpose other than those for which the information was provided, except where required by law. TestoCreams shall retain information as required by law and for the purposes set out herein only. We will collect and store only information that we require to fulfill your orders or information that we need for professional reasons. All information is stored securely on our servers.
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Customs Surcharges
We are not responsible for any charges imposed upon you by your local customs agency or by any other governmental body. We assume all costs on our end. In general, the U.S. government does not impose any charges. However, other countries have been known to charge extra fees, and this is beyond our control. If you have concerns, please inquire locally before ordering from us. Unfortunately, unexpected customs charges are neither grounds for order cancellation, nor will we refund you anything you have been charged.
Prescription Policy
An order can only be confirmed and dispensed once we have received a valid prescription. If you are ordering AndroForte or AndroFeme you need to send us a prescription for testosterone therapy. If you are ordering ProFeme you need to send us a prescription for progesterone therapy. Prescriptions can include those written for other other proprietary products like AndroGel, Fortesta, Testim, Axiron, TestoGel or AndroDerm. We can also accept prescriptions for compounding prescriptions.
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