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Injectable Testosterone vs.Topical Testosterone

If you're a male suffering from a testosterone deficiency, you have many different options for treatment, ranging from creams and patches to injections and gels. But not all treatments were created equally. Testosterone is a sex hormone in males that is responsible for maintaining muscle strength and body mass, bone strength, energy levels, libido, mood, and more. As a man ages, the body slowly starts to decrease the amount of testosterone it produces, but there can be many other causes for low testosterone in younger and older men alike. Without treatment, low testosterone levels could have a negative impact on your body, your libido, and your life.
So how do you know which type of treatment is best for you?
If you have an aversion to needles or don't have the time to regularly visit your doctor for the typical bi-monthly testosterone injection, then a cream could be the better option. But let's go through a quick comparison.
Injectable Testosterone Cream
Injections: Normally given every two to three weeks, they're administered intramuscularly into the buttocks. The benefit is that you do it once every few weeks and then don't think about it, but it can be a painful experience with the risk of infection at the injection site. Also, testosterone levels peak quickly and then begin to drop roughly four days after the injection. By the time your next appointment rolls around, your testosterone levels can be quite low.
Topical Testosterone Cream
Creams: When it comes to creams like AndroForte®, no needles or doctor's are necessary; you take care of your hormone replacement therapy treatment on your time from the comfort and privacy of your own home. With AndroForte®, the white, odorless cream is applied directly to the scrotum (the skin sack that holds the testicles) every morning. The scrotum is the recommended site of application because this is the location of greatest absorption on the body.
Opting for a cream-based testosterone replacement therapy treatment also has been proven to provide more consistent levels of the sex hormone, and with no pain involved, it wins out in many ways when head-to-head with injectable testosterone. Being able to buy your cream online also creates an easier, less invasive experience overall when compared to testosterone replacement injections.

To read more about the different types of low testosterone treatment, check out this case study on MedScape.
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