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Does Testosterone Therapy Cause Heart Attacks


Does Testosterone Therapy Cause Heart Attacks?

Recent studies have indicated that testosterone supplements may be causing heart attacks. This study has been reported in the media and has raised alarms as well as concerns among users and doctors alike. It was concluded that participants in the study had some form of mild non fatal heart attacks within the first 90 days of beginning testosterone replacement therapy. Those studied were mostly men over the age of 65 years old. Furthermore, those studied all had pre existing heart conditions and heart disease. Participants below age 65 with a history of heart disease also had non-life threatening heart attacks. Those without a history of heart disease and less than 65 years of age did not face any increased risks.

Hormone replacement therapy has always been scrutinized by the media. In 2002 hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women was linked to breast cancer. The media immediately began to report this finding even though it had not been fully substantiated.

This recent study done on testosterone is not without it’s flaws. According to the article, the study was done based on individual records obtained from the individuals and was not done in a clinical setting. The study did not take into consideration other factors such as health status prior to the use of testosterone therapy. Furthermore, the study did not take into consideration the dosage of testosterone given nor the frequency that it was used. This study also did not factor in the how physically fit the individuals were prior to the start of the testosterone replacement therapy.

Most individuals over 65 who are suffering from low testosterone are also suffering from extremely low energy levels as well. These people have more than likely also been leading a stationary lifestyle for a very long time. As soon as they begin testosterone therapy they begin to feel increased levels of energy. Suddenly, they may decide that they want to become much more active. Activities such as walking, running, exercise, etc can be stressful to an unconditioned heart. Therefore, it is very important that the physical condition prior to taking testosterone be noted. Those who are not in good physical shape should ease into these types of activities as opposed to going full force.

This study is not without further flaws. Participants were not monitored on a regular basis either according to the article written by Mr. Michael Buckley. Hormone levels, as well as blood monitoring must be assessed while the patient is undergoing hormone replacement therapy. A professor of Urology from Harvard Medical School also noted that testosterone was not necessarily the cause behind the heart attacks experienced by the participants.

Those who choose to use testosterone therapy should always do so in conjunction with a medical doctor.It is important that a physician asses the patient prior to starting the hormone replacement therapy. There are other ways to raise testosterone such as weigh lifting, dietary changes as well as weight loss. The use of any form of hormonal supplement should always be consulted with a physician before you begin.

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