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AndroFeme testosterone creamEveryone is talking about what we have known for a long time! That women need testosterone as much as men and using a testosterone replacement supplement at a standard regulated dose can greatly benefit women going through menopause and in the post-menopausal stage of their lives. The reason for this recent media hype? A study was recently published by The North American Menopause Society publication MENOPAUSE that shows the effectiveness of AndroFeme testosterone cream for post-menopause use.

AndroFeme is a pharmaceutical grade bioidentical testosterone cream specifically designed for women. It’s applied once a day and each 1ml dose contains 10mg of testosterone.

AndroFeme is an approved testosterone treatment for women in Western Australia. It has approval from the TGA, which, in Australian terms, is the equivalent to the FDA. Western Australian women are the fortunate ones; their country recognizes the devastating effect of hormone imbalance and has approved treatments to help both men and women on a large scale. The FDA in the US has so far not approved any testosterone treatments for women. It’s about time they did so women can stop replying on custom compounded formulas. It’s especially useful for use post-menopause.

Why it’s not good to use compounded testosterone treatments

Compounded testosterone is made up in a retail or community pharmacy. At the moment this is the main way US women can get their hands on testosterone therapy. However, these compounding medicines are mostly unsupervised, unregulated and not FDA approved. Sometimes the dosage you receive is not what you wanted; it’s easy to receive medicine that is off spec. The problem with custom compounded formulas is that they can raise the woman’s testosterone levels to above what they were pre-menopause and adverse reactions can occur.

AndroFeme testosterone cream is made up in a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing plant. These laboratories are highly regulated under strict supervision so you know that you are getting exactly what you ordered. The dose is also smaller than most compounded formulas so the cream raises your testosterone levels back to pre-menopause levels without pushing them too high.

Unwanted reactions to too much testosterone can include male pattern hair loss, a deepened voice, changes in cholesterol and aggression levels, not to mention excess hair growth and acne.

What about the unwanted side effects of testosterone therapy?

Some women may be hesitant to start using testosterone therapies because of these adverse side effects, like mentioned above. These reactions are normally only present in women who are exceeding normal testosterone levels. If you take testosterone therapy to replenish lost testosterone and to simply bring your blood count levels back up to within the normal range, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you monitor your testosterone blood count very carefully you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if you are overdoing the testosterone. Once you know this, you can cut back on the dosage. Living post-menopause without testosterone supplementation is just not an option for some women. The symptoms of living post-menopause with low testosterone far outnumbers the possible unwanted side effects from the testosterone therapy.

It only takes 2-4 weeks to benefit from the effects of AndroFeme, when applied daily.

The recent AndroFeme Study

A study was conducted by researchers at The Monash University (Melbourne) together with researchers at the University of South Australia (Adelaide). The 21 day trial administered AndroFeme daily. Some women were given 5mg doses and others 10mg doses to apply daily, as instructed.

The 5mg dose raised testosterone levels to within a comfortable pre-menopause range. When the cream peaked it bought levels to slightly above normal levels but the average over 24 hours was below the upper limit.

The 10mg dose raised testosterone levels to a higher peak but the overall average over 24 hours was only a little over the normal limit.

To see more on this study please visit this page.

AndroFeme is made by Lawley Pharmaceuticals in Australia.

Even if you reside in the USA AndroFeme can be available to you via online purchasing as long as it’s for personal use.

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