How Smoking Affects SHBG Production

CVS ban on smoking.And this helps your Libido!

Pharmacy giant CVS pharmacy recently announced that it would stop selling cigarettes by October of 2014. This recent announcement has sent shock waves throughout the United States.  For the first time, a retail giant such CVS Pharmacy is stepping up to the plate and taking a proactive stance against cigarettes.

This decision is being praised all the way to White House. President Obama commented on CVS’s decision by thanking CVS Pharmacy for its efforts in helping reduce deaths that are related to tobacco, in addition to cancer as well as heart disease. He further commented on how the reduction of smokers in the United States will help reduce healthcare costs significantly.

Cigarette smoking also causes men and women alike a reduction in their libido also known as sexual desire. Obama fails to mention the fact that nicotine interferes with the body’s ability to build hormones vital to our sexual health. Cigarette smoking directly increases the body’s production of a substance known as SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin.  Unfortunately, too much SHBG can affect our sex drive.

For those of you wondering how smoking affects the production of SHBG continue reading further. SHBG is the vehicle that transports sex hormones around the body. Testosterone that the body produces is bound and transported on SHBG and is not available.. Therefore testosterone that does not attach itself to SHBG is considered free and available to enter all the cells throughout the body.

Smoking cigarettes causes an increase in the SHBG produyction in the body which binds more of the free testosterone that would otherwise be available. This free testosterone will not be able to reach your brain and sabotage an otherwise normal and healthy libido. Smokers who quit smoking will quickly notice a difference in sexual desires as well as overall health.  In conclusion, all smokers should consider stopping smoking cigarettes just as CVS Pharmacy is about to do.

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