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No One Is Talking About Sexual Dysfunction.


Did you know that over half of the population 40 and older suffer from a sexual dysfunction? Many of these patients suffer in silence, even though most likely their problems are treatable. Why would people not seek treatment? This is the question many doctors and researchers are trying to answer.

Maybe it is because they didn’t think that they would have this problem, and therefore are embarrassed to deal with it. Not many men talk about sexual dysfunction, even thought there are quite a few TV commercials and internet ads with products made to help.

Men aren’t the only ones not talking. Women aren’t talking either. While it is said that one-third of men don’t talk to their doctors, less than ten percent of females discuss it with their doctors.

It is a couples problem, and when you plan on speaking to your doctor about it, you should take your partner or sexual partner with you. This isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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