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Is AndroForte Better than AndroGel?


Is AndroForte better than AndroGel?


Testosterone levels in a man decrease with age resulting in feelings of depression, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and many other symptoms. Thankfully, there are many testosterone replacement options available. In this article we will explore Androforte and Androgel.

You might be wondering whether to choose Androforte or Androgel for your low T. Androforte 5% is actually our bestseller and the reviews on our website seem to suggest that people prefer it to Androgel. This article will explore the differences as well as the pros and cons between Androforte and Androgel to help you make a more informed decision.

*Prices were taken from in September 2017

Remember, all medications have potential side effects, yet you might not experience any of them. You should always talk to your doctor before starting new medication to see if either Androforte or Androgel is right for you. If you do use a topical testosterone cream, you should ensure you regularly monitor your blood pressure and examine your prostrate, as well as other tests your doctor might recommend.

We have so many reviews and testimonials on our website for Androforte 5%. Customers are reporting a noticeable difference in their sex drive, energy levels and quality of life. With insurance and prescription constraints, many consumers are finding it difficult to purchase Androgel. Another comment we often receive is that Androforte is much easier to apply than Androgel. Androgel is just that – a gel – whereas Androforte is a cream, requiring only a small amount, and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.

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