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AndroFeme infographic

AndroFeme testosterone cream infographic


We have seen a lot of press recently about the effect of AndroFeme testosterone cream when used in post menopausal women.

A paper published in the “Menopause” Journal was conducted by the University of South Australia and Monash University. You can read about the study here in our previous post “Testosterone cream proven to work in post-menopause”.

The below infographic runs through the results pictorially and it also compares to currently available compounding formulas in the USA. The main issue with compounding formulas is that they are largely unregulated and they can deliver harmful amounts of testosterone – more than requested or in fact need. Products like AndroFeme (made by Lawley in Australia) are made in a pharmaceutical grade environment and are highly regulated. In short, you know exactly what you are getting.

Side effects of over using testosterone can include acne, aggression, male-pattern hair loss, excess body hair, deepening of the voice, depression, higher cholesterol levels, enlarge clitoris and liver damage so it’s important to raise your levels to within the normal range and not above.

AndroFeme testosterone cream is the only testosterone cream specifically designed for women. It is approved by the TGA in Western Australia but so far it has not been approved by the FDA. (You can order it online and ship to the USA though, as long as it’s for personal use).

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