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testosterone men

What is Testosterone?


Testosterone Introduction

Testosterone is an essential hormone produced by both men and women. It plays a crucial role in the health and well being of our bodies.

There are many myths and blatant misunderstandings surrounding peoples perceptions towards effects that hormones on the human mind and body. This includes the hormone testosterone.

testosterone men

Testosterone supplementation for many years was considered a taboo area of medicine, due primarily to side effects following abuse by athletes and bodybuilders using super potent anabolic steroids. However, focus has shifted in recent years and the benefits of pure testosterone (not synthetic anabolics) for patients has become apparent with research.

Today, there are a variety of testosterone hormone treatment options. How testosterone works is extremely well understood and the newer testosterone treatments are more refined and tailored to meet individual requirements.

If you are worried about low testosterone then please visit your doctor so he or she can investigate the cause and outline an appropriate course of treatment.


What is Testosterone?

The term “natural testosterone” refers to the testosterone that is naturally produced by the testes in men.

Testosterone has long been recognised as exerting a significant effect on the human body.

For centuries, the testes have been identified as the primary source of sexual potency and virility in men. In the early 1900s the hormone testosterone was identified. With the advent of pharmaceutical chemistry, synthetic testosterone was first manufactured in the late 1930s.

natural progesteroneToday, natural testosterone and synthetic analogues with testosterone- like actions are manufactured for pharmaceutical purposes from soya substrates in laboratories. Pure testosterone is not found in plants.

Testosterone is an Androgen: a group of hormones that control masculine sex characteristics. Androgens help with the maintenance of systemic anabolic effects in the body. This includes the metabolism of salts, fluid balance and bone growth. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones when it comes to the health of men. Not having enough testosterone can affect levels of libido and sexual function.  There can also be a  decline in muscle mass, mood, energy levels and many men can even experience depression.

Testosterone is crucial for the development and maintenance of the male sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. Muscle bulk, facial/axillary hair, changes in fat distribution and deepening of the voice are all considered part of this category.

Testosterone is also crucial as it produces systemic anabolic effects within the body. Without the correct levels of anabolic reactions the body retains nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and phosphate. The result is an increase in water retention and bone growth.

Testosterone makes the skin more vascular (better blood flow) and less fatty.


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The information in this article has been taken with permission from the official Lawley booklet on Understanding Testosterone in Men

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