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Having Sex in Old Age Can Improve Cognitive Function


Having sex in old age is healthy – and now there’s proof to support it. Now there’s no reason to prioritize Sudoku and crosswords because you can achieve the same result with sex, according to the latest research. New studies have come out showing that seniors enjoying frequent sexual activity can actually benefit from improved cognitive function.

The University of Oxford and Coventry conducted a study of 73 healthy people aged between 50 and 83. They were tasked to fill in a questionnaire detailing their sexual activity; whether weekly, monthly or never. Following this, they performed tasks that assessed brain function. The results showed that those who were the most sexually active scored better on the cognitive tests than those who were less sexually active. This includes verbal fluency tests and visual tests, but there was not a difference when it came to memory, attentiveness and language.

A larger study was conducted at Coventry University with 6,800 people aged between 50 and 83. This study too showed that better cognitive function was found in those who were sexually active.

What’s the connection?

There is only speculation as to how or why having sex improves cognitive ability. Scientists are inclined to suggest that it is due to the neurotransmitters dopamine and oxytocin which are released during sex and sends signals to the brain.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be surprising since there is a lot of research to suggest that doing physical activity in general is beneficial for our well-being and neurological health.  We always hear how important it is to exercise several times a week to prevent health issues further on in life, and to stay physically active as we get older. Doing so can prevent dementia according to another study.

Taking care of your brain as you age is important in preventing cognitive decline. It is important to know that while putting our brain to good use can help with this, physical activities such as sex and exercise also contribute towards a healthy brain.

Sex and aging

How does having sex in old age fit in with decreased libido due to old age?

We’re being told to have sex in old age but nature seems to be dictating otherwise. As we age, our testosterone levels drop and so does our libido. Men start a slow decline from around the age of 30 and women experience a similar decline as they approach menopause.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean no libido for everyone, it may still be difficult to work up the energy for sex in old age. Nonetheless, sex is an important part of any relationship regardless of age. Knowing the benefits on both the brain and the body, it would seem logical to take steps to improve libido and put sex back on the table.

Many people opt for hormone replacement therapy as they get older in order to increase testosterone production. This can do wonders for libido and your sex life in general. It is worth speaking to your doctor to see if this is an option. It might just give you the boost you need to get your life back on track – exercising, positive moods and a good sex life, not to mention better brain function!

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