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male sexual insecurity

Male sexual insecurity


male sexual insecurityTestosterone, libido, penile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, performance…the list goes on of potential fears and concerns of every boy becoming man, and man becoming mature. Whatever the concern or medical condition, the end result of a man’s sexual insecurity often results in inadequate performance (or perception of sexual dysfunction).


As a youth, it’s mostly a confidence issue, though as life’s stresses kick in and the body begins to require more frequent and technical servicing, physiological impacts come into play. Seeking medical advice is rarely high on man’s agenda since it would mean facing up to a problem which can often compound an issue further until a suitable solution is found.


Sometimes the sexual insecurity that leads to sexual dysfunction is simply just a case of “stage fright”, but for some, the insecurity masks a deeper rooted problem. Our advice – Go. To. The. Dr!


Yes, going to the doctor means answering awkward questions and facing the big fear that there might be something wrong with your manhood, but there are numerous courses of treatment available. Counselling, blood tests, testosterone replacement, diet & exercise are all valid and viable. It’s worth the visit, get to the root of the problem and your sex life could be restored 10-fold. For those who want a quick fix or an extra pick-me up that requires little effort, there are also sexual enhancement pills like Viagra and Cialis to try out. These pills help with an array of sexual dysfunctions including premature ejaculation, not just the failure to become aroused or stay aroused.


The magic blue pill that took the world by storm 20 years ago helped to create a multi-billion dollar sexual enhancement business. Made by Pfizer, Viagra is a pill that in an instant provides an artificial and temporary fix for erectile dysfunction. Many people who use testosterone replacement creams like AndroForte also use Viagra, it helps give the mind and blood vessels a little extra boost. For the non-medically challenged (aka, men who just need a little help with unfounded sexual insecurity) even a half dose provides an instant fix to any confidence gaps that might inhibit rigidity and longevity. Cialis, made by Lilly also treats impotence and erectile dysfunction and is another popular choice. The active ingredient is different but like Viagra, it is an instant fix and increases blood flow to the penis. The plus side of Cialis is that it stays in your system for longer so it does not need to be taken immediately before sex. It can be taken a few hours before.


Suffering from sexual insecurity is a serious issue. Sex is so important for us in so many ways.


Honestly, sex is the single most important task bestowed upon man. Without the natural requirement to mate our population would have never gotten started. Without the process of mating being fun, pleasurable and satisfying there’d be little incentive for man’s base desires to seek out sex, just as man seeks out food. A marriage without sex provides no children. Sexual needs without fulfilment deliver frustration. Frustration in a relationship can lead to a breakdown of the marriage. Sex is a single act that glues life together.


Whilst every man has his challenges, each man is free to decide how to live his life and reach the pleasures required. For all of us, the ideal option is to live healthy and happy and the rest will take care of itself, for others, finding the right creams or medications provide a natural and longer lasting treatment. For others, a quick fix is both convenient and highly effective.


Every man and every relationship is different, only you, your partner and your doctor can decide what’s right for your personal circumstance. However, you choose to do it, let’s get good sex back on the agenda and at least agree on the importance of keeping ourselves and our partners content and the world inhabited.For advice on talking to your partner about sexual insecurity and sexual dysfunction see this blog post on talking about sex with your partner.
For advice on talking to your partner about sexual insecurity and sexual dysfunction see this blog post on talking about sex with your partner.


For advice on trying out Viagra or Cialis contact:

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