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androforte dosage

Dosage instructions for AndroForte



We often get asked about the strength of our products and dosage instructions for AndroForte, AndroFeme and ProFeme so we’ve made a blog post about it!

That way all the information is out there to see visually.


There is a difference in strength and dosage quantity.

The dose is the amount of cream that you need to apply. This is calculated in ml (milligrams).

The strength is the amount of clinical testosterone that is inside the dose amount. Like any medication the active ingredients are measured in mg (micro-grams).

For your convenience we have made dosage tables to help you understand the correlation. These are particularly useful when trying to work out how many tubes you need to buy and how long each tube will last you.

Many people are prescribed lower or different doses by their doctors. Some people come to us after stopping to use another brand of testosterone or progesterone medication. These patients will often want to compare the dosage and strength from their previous therapy to their new one.

Dosage instructions for AndroForte testosterone cream for men

AndroForte comes in two strengths AndroForte 5% and AndroForte 2%. Below are the dosage instructions for AndroForte.

For AndroForte 5% we suggest the starting dose of 1ml of cream. That will give you 50mg of bioidentical testosterone per application. Bioidentical testosterone is pharmaceutical grade testosterone that is made from the same construction as the natural testosterone that your body produces. If you feel it’s too much then you can use the table below to calculate smaller doses.

For AndroForte 2% we suggest the starting dose of 1ml of cream. It gives you 20mg of bioidentical testosterone per application and is equal to a 0.4ml dose of AndroForte 5%. AndroForte 2% is a useful topical testosterone cream for patients who need less replacement testosterone.

The effects of AndroForte can be felt within 2 weeks after commencing treatment but we recommend waiting 6 weeks until analyzing treatment success.

androforte dosage

Dosage instructions for AndroFeme testosterone cream for women

AndroFeme comes in 1% strength cream. We suggest using a starting dose of 1ml. This gives you 10mg of bioidentical testosterone.

Women also need testosterone but they need less testosterone than men. That is why we sell AndroFeme, it has a lower strength than AndroForte.

AndroFeme has been specially produced for female testosterone replacement although some doctors still prescribe a lower dosage of male testosterone replacement therapy for female patients. (part of the reason for this is that the FDA have so far not approved any female testosterone replacement therapies)

If you want to use a smaller dosage then it’s advisable to use a half dose of 0.5ml. this will give you 5mg of bioidentical testosterone instead of 10mg. It should be enough to raise your levels back into the normal pre-menopausal range. A recent study from Australia used AndroFeme on post-menopausal women and proved that a 0.5ml raised levels to within the normal pre-menopause range and 1ml raised it to just above. Here’s more on the AndroFeme study.

Effects in some women can be felt as little as 2 week after commencing treatment, however 1 month is more normal.

AndroFeme testosterone cream

Dosage instructions for ProFeme progesterone cream

ProFeme comes in two strengths ProFeme 10% and ProFeme 3.2%.

ProFeme combats estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. Using ProFeme helps restore hormone balance in females. Effects can be felt 2-4 week after commencing treatment.

The body produces natural progesterone in cycles so ProFeme progesterone cream is also applied in cycles. This is so that the application mimics the natural production going on in your body. The strength and dosage used also depends on why you are using Progesterone cream. It’s commonly used as an HRT treatment in perimenopausal women and during menopause itself.

We suggest using 0.3ml of Profeme 10% as a starting dose. This gives you 30mg of progesterone.

In perimenopausal women it should be applied on days 21-25 of the menstrual cycle, followed by 5-7 days of no application. Then begin the cycle again. In menopausal women it should be applied on days 12-26 of the menstrual cycle.

ProFeme 3.2% is a lower strength cream and is ideal for women who need less than 10mg of added progesterone. If you need above 10mg then it’s far more economical to go for the ProFeme 10%. You get the same 10mg strength in a smaller dosage so your tube will last you longer. If you only need 10mg of progesterone then you can use the smallest dose of ProFeme 10%. This is 0.1ml and gives you 10mg of progesterone.

ProFeme progesterone cream

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