Why is AndroForte better than AndroGel?

Once you discover that you have low testosterone or feel like you would benefit from using testosterone replacement therapy, the next step is deciding what treatment to go for. Last week we covered the difference between injections, patches and topical testosterone treatments. Today, we take look at the most popular topical therapies, their differences and why AndroForte works out as the most effective, in cost and results. We often get asked about how AndroForte differs from AndroGel, so this article is broken down into questions and answers for a clearer comparison. Hope you find it helpful!

What’s the difference in dosage between AndroForte and AndroGel?

  • There’s quite a big difference in dosage. AndroForte strength is 5% and AndroGel strength is 1.62%. This means that AndroForte has a higher concentration of testosterone so you need to use less quantity. 1ml of AndroForte cream gives you 50mg testosterone compared to 5ml of AndroGel where you need 2 full pumps of gel to give you 40mg testosterone. AndroGel is produced in the USA, AndroForte is produced in Australia.

AndroGel is a topical gel and AndroForte is a topical cream, which one is easiest to apply?

  • This really comes down to personal recommendations. We feel that using a cream is easier to apply as the gel can leave a sticky residue. The cream doesn’t have the same sticky feeling and absorbs easily into the skin. AndroForte is applied in a small quantity directly to the scrotum area and AndroGel is applied in a larger quantity to the upper body.

Why are the application sites different and does this affect the results?

  • AndroForte is applied directly to the scrotal area where there is a vast network of blood vessels, making it a prime place for absorption. AndroGel is applied to the upper body where these blood vessels are not as prominent. This means the absorption is less effective.

What’s the price difference between AndroGel and AndroForte?

  • AndroForte works out much cheaper than AndroGel, or in fact all other reputable topical testosterone therapies. A tube of AndroForte will cost you $130 compared to $337* for a bottle of AndroGel that’s a huge difference of $207! Don’t forget that a tube of AndroForte lasts for 50 days and a bottle of AndroGel lasts 30 days, so if you are making price comparisons you should also consider the cost per day. AndroForte will set you back $2.60 a day compared to AndroGel that will set you back $11.23 a day that’s a massive saving of $8.63 a day! If you’re only intending to use this medication for a very short time then the price difference isn’t critical but if you are considering using the treatment for an extended period of time, like most men who decide to use testosterone treatments, the price difference is a key deciding factor.

Do I need a prescription to buy AndroForte or AndroGel? Can I buy online?

  • You do need a prescription. You can buy both online.

When and how often do you apply AndroForte and AndroGel?

  • Both treatments are applied once a day, in the morning. AndroForte is highly concentrated so less cream is needed. It comes in a tube that looks like a toothpaste tube and can fit easily into your bag if you are going on a trip or intend to apply your dosage at the gym, after your morning workout. AndroGel is less concentrated and comes in a stand up pump bottle. It’s more bulky and harder to travel with, so it’s less discreet. AndroGel sachets are available but again are more expensive.

You can also compare AndroForte and AndrofoGel to other low testosterone treatments by using our comparison chart. In this chart we make comparisons with other popular topical testosterone treatments: Testogel, Testim, Axiron, AndroDerm and Fortesta.

If you have any further questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll be happy to answer.

* Prices taken from the RX list, August 2013, if you check today, the prices might have already gone up!

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